Monitoring MDAs

Monitoring is a continuous process of keeping track of progress of the implementation of plans, policies, programmes and projects.
It serves as systematic data collection to inform managers and key stakeholders on progress in relation to planned inputs, activities and results, as well as the use of allocated resources.

The set of planning, information gathering and synthesis, analysis and reporting processes, along with the necessary supporting conditions and capacities required for the M&E outputs to make a valuable contribution to decision-making and learning as well. NaMED provides, results-based M&E systems as a continuous work in progress for both Donor and Government Funded Project.
To see that it is implemented properly. NaMED Provides continuous flow of information feedback to Project Stakeholders, which can help guide policymakers toward achieving the desired results.

NaMED’s overall objective is to create an effective national institutional framework to monitor and evaluate government and donor funded projects as well as the national development plan. NaMED will:

  • Lead the monitoring and evaluation of all public sector programmes and projects including donor funded projects;
  • Design and implement a national monitoring system that links the monitoring in MDAs, Local councils and donor funded project units on one hand with NaMED, the ministry of finance and parliament  and the office of the president .
  • Develop monitoring guidelines and manuals for use by all MDAs and Local councils and support their capacity building needs to effectively undertake monitoring.
  • Track and record progress of implementations of all projects as well as the national development plan using modern and appropriate technology;
  • Lead the conduct of independent baseline studies, mid-term and final evaluations of all projects
  • Establish and maintain a database on all completed and on-going projects

Conduct special studies on various aspects of public sector projects.